5 Best Movies For Holiday From Netflix In 2019

Holiday is coming! For some people who have no plan to go out, watching a movie is the best escapism. It is fun to kill the time just lying on the bed and have a snack your hand. Since Netflix has a variety of movies, you should make a list of “the-must-watch movie” during the holiday. If you are confused, then see our list below. We have selected the best movies for holiday that you can enjoy alone or with your family.

5 Best Movies For Holiday From Netflix In 2019

If you haven’t had Netflix at your home, then it is the right time to subscribe. You won’t be disappointed with its content. As the alternative of TV, Netflix offers you various shows, including documentary, TV series, and many more. Not all the movies you can find on the TV. Thus, you must consider now to have Netflix for the holiday. As our recommendation, don’t miss these best movies for holiday below:

1. Holiday in the Wild

It is typically a romantic comedy movie. However, your family members can enjoy the story. The conflict starts when a husband, Drew, tells his wife to end the marriage. Within this shocking confession, Kate, the wife, decides to trip alone. One day, she sits at a bar and has a conversation with Derek, a pilot. Once she follows Derek in a chartered flight, she finds that Derek is in a plan to rescue an orphaned elephant. Thus, Kate extends her holiday not only for the elephant but also for many reasons.

2. Holiday Rush

It is also a comedy movie, but more heart-warming to see. The story is about a father who has four kids. The kids have a pricey Christmas list to fulfill. Unluckily, ahead before the D-day is coming, their dad loses his job. Since then, their life must downsize at fast. They have to tighten the belt and give up the luxury life. If you want to see how a father tries hard to reconnect with his kids, then Holiday Rush will absolutely make you cry.

3. A Christmas Prince: The Royal Baby

A couple of queen and king have no problem to welcome their first baby for the first time. Everything is okay until they have an appointment to host the king and queen from Penglia. The king and the queen want to renew the 600-years-old sacred truce. The situation gets worse when the treaty goes missing. So, Queen Amber must find the thief is, also save her family and the kingdom at the same time.

4. The King

The King is a historical drama movie. Before released on Netflix, The King was played at the Venice Film Festival. Henry Prince of Wales, called Hal, is not interested in his daddy’s war strategy. He spends his time drinking and jesting. But however, there is a moment that makes him be a warrior battling for England.

5. Grease

If you want to see a musical drama movie, then Grease could be the option. Even though it is an old movie, you can still enjoy it now. Grease is a successful musical film ever. You don’t only enjoy the storyline, but also its awarded soundtracks.

Still considering not to watch a movie through Netflix? Those five films above just a piece of best movies for holiday on Netflix. You might choose the movie by its genre and age. So, there is no reason not to have Netflix for your family. It is worth entertainment to have.