Basic Difference of Marketing and Advertising You Must Know

If you think that marketing and advertising are like the twin, then you have to evaluate what you have done. In fact, both of them is a totally different world. Even sometimes they are overlapped, still, you have to know the difference of marketing and advertising. Moreover, if work for a company, don’t let your misunderstanding embarrasses you. Thus, find the differences below.

difference of marketing and advertising

Actually, this article is a basic discussion for every marketing or marketers. If you have worked in the marketing department but cannot understand the points, it means you need to a little step back. Because by understanding the difference of marketing and advertising, you can do the right strategy further. Not only for the temporary target, but also for the long-term journey.

1. The Concept

Starts from the concept, marketing and advertising are different. Marketing involves the creation of data, research, and design. While advertising is about making communication, so the product or service is known by the market. It means that in marketing you really focus on the tone of communication, instead of the media you use in advertising.

2. Essential Factor

As we mentioned above, marketing focuses on the tone or how you communicate. In the other hand, advertising concerns to the media. Here we can see that there is a difference in the essential factor. Marketing department spend their attention to 4P. 4P is Product, Place, Price, and Promotion, once you miss one of them, then your strategy would not be effective. While advertising focuses on ideas of campaign and selection of media placement.

3. Target

Talking about the target, you must make a difference of it. Indeed, a company already had its target market. But, when you do marketing and advertising strategy, make it more specific. Marketing target is usually based on their behaviour in daily life. While you try to define an advertising target, then you must see from your target’s media behaviour. These targets are different type of group you must consider very well.

4. How to Communicate

Furthermore, in communication, there is also another difference. Besides the media and the target, you use different language for marketing and advertising. Words in marketing tend to build awareness and bond between the brand and the customers. Contrarily, advertising chooses attractive words to buy. It feels more persuasive to consume the product or service. Also, from the visual too, you can see the difference. Because marketing and advertising have a different goal to achieve.

5. Term of Strategy

Marketing strategy concerns for long-term. Thus, the marketers usually start to build awareness first. Then, the next step is to strengthen the brand positioning, and others related to the brand identity. In contrast, advertising is pushed to increase revenue. The number of sales becomes its indicator of success. Once it is increasing, then your advertising hits the goal.

Some people put advertising as a part of marketing. But it cannot be applied for marketing because it is not advertising. That is the simplest concept of the difference of marketing and advertising. However, you cannot make that statement to capture the whole picture. You still need more exploration, such as reading the study, practice, and join a discussion, to enrich your knowledge.