Simple Way How To Write A Research Paper Step By Step

When your college teacher asks you to make a research paper it often makes your head spin. Suddenly, you feel anxious because that is the end of the world. Well, writing a research paper is not that difficult if you know the guidelines. Follow below guidance on how to write a research paper:

1. Specify the Topic

You might be given a subject from your college teacher, but your point of view is the most important. And that is how you specify the topic. Therefore, you must find a topic that really suits and interest you. Once you determine your topic, discuss it with your teacher or your classmate.

A good research paper is a paper that discusses a problem and how to solve it. So, your topic must be turned to a problem so you can find a solution. Afterward, don’t forget to discuss it too. Once your topic, problem, and solution are determining, your way to writing is a lot easier.

2. Resources

Collect as many resources you can get. Therefore, you can go to the library to borrow some books or you can buy them in a bookstore. Also, you can find it online. Gather as many as information so your research will be accountable and trustful.

Once you get your resources, try to sort them. If it is possible, you can make a chart or diagram out of it. Visualization of your data is useful for you because it will ease you to understand them. Meanwhile, you also can interview people related to your research paper.

3. Outline

In writing, the outline is your key to success on how to write a research paper. Besides, once you have your outline you won’t get lost. Mostly, the outline is divided into three-part. Introduction, problem, and solution. Since you write a research paper and not a fiction book, your solution becomes the end of your paper. And it must end, not hanging, put result or result assumption.

4. Introduction

Here is the real beginning of your writing process. In the introduction, you write the background of the problem. Additionally, in the introduction, you will tell about your material in general. Meanwhile, you can also state your concept and your purpose why you make the research.

5. Body

This is an outline is for, to write a body. The body is where you write all of your material, summary, explanation, analyses, and methods. Meanwhile, we know that you have your sources, but don’t let it be your bar. Writing a body means you have to evolve.

6. Conclusion

Once your argument point is stated and explained, you are ready for the conclusion. Therefore, after summarize it, write down your solution or opinion about the topic. Mostly, the conclusion contains a statement. Explain your statement point by point.

Lastly, all you have to do is review and revise. You must check if your paper is well-organized or if it is logical. After all, thorough attention to detail and development is important. So, that is the guidance on how to write a research paper that may help you.