Marketing Lesson Learned: The Best Campaign Samples from Telecommunication Company

When you hear about the telecommunication company, you might imagine the cell phone or data package exchange. Well, that is not wrong, but not fully right too. More than that, what the telecommunication company does relate to all data transmission service. It is including radio, telegraph, fiber optics, satellite, and even the Internet. Seeing their board business scoop, you might be curious about the best campaign samples from telecommunication company. Because however, they do a business that has to result in a profit too.

You can find various brands of telecommunication companies around the world. If you go to one country, then you can find various of them with each benefit. Thus, telecommunication companies are competing to attract the market. Yes, just like the other business does around the world. If you work for this kind of company, then you need to know the best campaign samples from telecommunication company as your reference:

1. T-Mobile

It is one of the telecommunication companies in the US. Since they brought “the un-carrier revolution” campaign, it became the most growing telecommunication company. In 2017, the CEO shocked the market through their new jargon. This jargon actually wanted to reveal T-Mobile’s effort that successfully identifies their customer’s pain and need. So, they allowed the customer to pay month by month and free download for any stuff weekly.

2. Vodafone

In early 2019, Vodafone spread their campaign with the hashtag #StrongerEveryHour. This campaign was created by the famous advertising agency, Ogilvy and Mather. Just by seeing the hashtag, we know that Vodafone offered stronger data connectivity even you are in the crowd. But what makes this campaign unique was their approach from the customer’s needs for interruption-free.

3. Activ8me

This telecommunication company was built in 2002. The company remotes Australia broadband internet. They cooperated with the country’s local dairy industry. This company supported the farmers to publish the demonstration of producing fresh food until into meals. Activ8me helps the farmers by making a campaign in social media, sharing video and article, and many more. Within this campaign, the company gained more customers, both for themselves and the local’s farmers.

4. Telkomsel

We might say that Telkomsel is the biggest telecommunication company in Indonesia. In 2017, they made a campaign named “Internet Baik”. This campaign was about how to use the Internet safely, full of responsibility, inspirational, and creative. They made workshops around the school with the focus “How to Cool Student and Education”. They saw it was an important issue due to an increasing number of young age user.

5. M1

People also know M1 as Mobile One, as one of the best telecommunication company from Singapore. Dentsu made a campaign for them with the hashtag #BuildYourOne. The campaign was about offering greater flexibility for its customers. M1 allowed its customers to make a personalized plan based on their needs. Thus, it is more flexible using M1 now than before.

As time goes by, the competition among telecommunication companies is getting harder. Today they offer faster connectivity and flexible data plan. We don’t know what they will offer in the future. But, by knowing the best campaign samples from telecommunication company around the world, you can learn their strategy to keep the market.