Top 4 Short Films Recommendation You Should Watch

The development of technology and media has made filmmakers rethink on how to make films for this era. People usually watch films only in theatres. However, with the availability of gadgets and media, people can watch films from anywhere. A film is categorized short film if the duration is under 60 minutes Thus, the duration is shorter than normal films, short films are still interesting. Most short films are usually about criticism and documentaries. Below is the top short films recommendation you should watch:

Short Films Recommendation You Should Watch

1. The Lincoln Division

A short film by Bowie Alexander was first premiered in 2012 at a short film festival. At first, not many people were in the film. But with the development of YouTube and movies online, people were starting to get curious. Many digital users have been watching this short movie and were quite impressed. Overall the film is a mock documentary between district 9 and Saving Private Ryan. There weren’t many budgets for this movie. But, surprisingly the filmmaker was able to deliver the film quite interesting. This movie scores 7/10.

2. Long Branch

The next must-watch film is Long Brunch. This movie is more simple and easy to understand. The film was first available in 2011 in a short film festival. Since then, many people start watching it online. Until now, it has become one of the most favorite short films. The film is about two young adults that are planning to have a sexual encounter. However, to get there they must ride public transportations. The whole process of transportation and bars is the main story. Even though it is a simple story, but it is quite touching and loveable.

3. Consent

Another film from the lift of short films recommendation you should watch that is like Long Branch is Consent. This was one of the best short films made by Georg Csarmann. By reading the synopsis some of you might think this is the same as Juno. The story is about how a boy and a girl are planning to have their first contact in bed. Just about that. But what makes the story different is the touch of comedy and humor in the film. The film can even control your moody side with its bedroom talk scene. There are some twists in the movie that watchers will not expect either. So, rather than just a normal romantic movie. Consent is a comedy, loving and romantic movie.

4. Dead. Tissue. Love

Those who are looking for documentary films can peek into Dead. Tissue. Love. This movie raised a subject of necrophilia. Despite the difficult topic and challenge, the movie can give views on certain problems.

If you are curious about more short films, there are many short films online. Short of the week is a recommended website to check out. This website offers many kinds of short films recommendation you should watch. It contains films about documentary until horror films. Overall, short films are as interesting as other movies. They are more limited. However, if you are searching for something different try to watch short films.