This Is How AI Helps Your Marketing Strategy More Effective And Easy

Being a new businessman may be a hard time. There are a lot of questions to answer, a lot of jobs to do alone too. One of the questions that arise in this era maybe is there any way of how AI helps your marketing strategy? Can it be the answer to this busy life?

The answer is yes. There are a lot of things that AI can do to help businessman, and seller to do their job. Here are 5 of many, which can use by a new marketer.

1. Response Faster With Auto Reply

Now AI can help you to answer customers’ chat. It even can be made by an android keyboard. For example, make an automatic greeting if someone chats your website or marketplace. You can make a template that contains a greeting like “Hey, can I help you?” or something else.

The AI will automatically send those text to the customer even when you are not online. Then you can also make a template for FAQ and simply send them when there is a new customer who asked about it.

You don’t need to type the same response again and again. With this feature, you can do something else that AI can’t do for you.

So you just need to answer a custom text which is more personal and hard to answer by a robot. It will help you to reduce your work.

2. Choosing The Suitable Audients Through AI Analysis

The next thing AI can do is analyzing who will be interested in your product. Instagram has used this algorithm. So once you type something in the search bar, the AI will collect similar or relatable things.

For example, if you type a brand of android phone, your searching page will show more about phone and technology next time when you open Instagram even you don’t type it again.

Then, in the promotion section, you will see more about gadgets and technology too. Because the AI tells the system that you need to know about gadgets more than anything else.

You can place an advertisement in those smart social media which have an AI analyzer. So the audience of your ads is they who need to see your product.

3. Predict What People Likes

Some application also gives a feature which can predict what people likes. It can be calculated from what kind of photo they like, the website they like to open, and many relating things.

Some applications also can give you the advice to use this or that filter to your photo so people will love it. This is a kind of smart feature that maybe can really help the marketer.

It is because as a marketer you will not have time to analyze those things. It is tiring, so let AI do this for you.

4. Simplify The Searching Process

By using AI, people now can search with text, voice, and image. It really helps marketers because they don’t need to type longer. They just need to use more tags or a keyword in every post.

People will love to find a product with tags or keywords too because it is much easier. The AI also gives a smart feature that can find a similar image.

So make sure your photo products are clear enough to be read by the AI. The more clear your photo, AI will connect you to more people who search the same product.

5. Using AR to Test Product Or Help Customer

AI also have AR or Augmented Reality. Now you can try on a product virtually. Your customers can match their skin to lip or face products.

So they will be more confident to purchase it online without swatching them at the offline store. This feature really helps the marketer because they don’t need to send more samples to the customer.

That is 5 ways of how AI helps your marketing strategy. A lot of free application is using those feature so you can use it for free too.

As a marketer, you need to know all of this stuff because you have to divide your time for managing, marketing, and sending the products. Manage your self wise, let AI do what they can do to help you, and just do the rest that they cannot do for you.