What You Should Know Behind the Discount

When you hear the word discount, it is sure that your eyes will wide open and you suddenly become happy. Surely, everyone loves to discount both girls and boys, especially if you purchase a lot at once. But are those discounts real? And what you should know behind the discount from stores offline or online?

Group of coupon

Well, there is some real and false discount in shops, but how to make sure that they are real? Sometimes shops just add the word discount into their shop to attract customers for coming. Therefore, be careful when you hear the word discounts and don’t go out of control. Here are what you should know behind the discount and how to determine the fake ones.

1. Discount from Real Price

When a product is on the discount it doesn’t mean that the price is cut off. Usually, the technique is decreasing the margin that sellers will normally get. This is the right way of giving a discount. So, every seller has their standard of margin and they cut this when they want to make a discount. The amount of discount depends on the seller itself, just make sure that the selling price still makes sense.

2. Mark-up Price

However, these days many sellers are not doing this the right way and just need more profit. Therefore, to attract people to come the promote discounts on everything they sell. The truth is all their products price has been marked up, then they give the discounts. Therefore, the discount price is fake and sometimes people don’t realize this. Usually, jewelry and electronics stores have these kinds of strategies.

3. Don’t get Fooled with Numbers

If the discount is real, then you are one lucky customer in that store. However, make sure you read the discount right. For example, if they say they give a 25 % +25% discount, it doesn’t mean the discount is 50%. What you should know behind the discount is that the discount doesn’t apply like that. So, 25% is from the first price and the second 25% is from the reduced price before. So don’t get excited when you see these numbers in the stores.

4. Detect Fake Discounts

When you see a discount on offline or online stores, don’t fall for it quickly. Try to compare from other sources too to see whether the price is cheap or not. This way you won’t get fooled with fake discounts that aren’t real and still expensive.

5. See the Seasons

Some discounts are real, but they usually happen in some seasons only. So, if a store gives a discount every two weeks, you should be suspicious. Usually, a store will give a discount to products that are near expired or slow-moving in the store.

These are the basic things about what you should know behind the discount of a product. Remember don’t get too happy and excited because you don’t know whether it is real or not. Always compare and research before buying a discount product.